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  1. Beekeeping 101
    I added some robber screens two nights ago because one of my hives is queenless, and I realized that I couldn't tell if they were being robbed, or just exuberant. Better safe than sorry I added. The articles I read mentioned that the bees may have some trouble figuring it out for the first...
  2. Bee Forum
    Hi, I am wondering if bee colonies in the NW (or other places with similar climate) may do better with an open bottom even thru the winter. I realize some other form of wind protection may need to be provided. A survey was conducted on this subject sometime last year. The colony loss numbers...
  3. Where To Buy . . .
    I have searched all the big home improvement stores, tractor supply-ish type places for #8 hardware cloth to no avail. Does anyone know a good source?
  4. Equipment/Hardware
    I have a thought - please let me know your thoughts .. Since I run SBB on all my hives, can I save a few more $$ by just tacking the wire directly to the bottom of the hive? As I've been using upper entrances on my Nucs and it's working so well, I'm going to close off and alter my existing...
  5. Equipment/Hardware
    Ok, I'm not a big message board guy... So much so that I can't even remember my old user name or the email I used with it... So this is my "first" post. I live in Geoegia and the SHB is a pain for me. I've tried all the traps and they all work but have drawbacks. I bought a few of the Freeman...
  6. Equipment/Hardware
    This is the Cadillac of SBB's I think (In my extremely limited experience) For a newbie without a table saw, with pest problems in the hive, during a drought/heat wave, this is it! $42.50 is a lot of money for one piece of eqpt, but the craftsmanship, the way the wood is treated (boiled in oil...
  7. Bee Forum
    Ok, I'm using Screened Bottom Boards (SBB) for my two hives. A week ago, I put those white boards under them - with the grid - sprayed with PAM - so I could do a mite count. When I went today to pull them out and do a count, one of the boards was laying on the ground behind the hive. I'm...
  8. Bee Forum
    This is a short, 13 second, so-so video. The hives with these also have top entrances that have been used very little. I prefer to have some congestion to help deter robbing.
  9. Beekeeping 101
    I just built my new hive stands with the 1/8" hardware cloth in the bottom and a slide out tray to check for mites. Has anyone noticed if this arrangement attracts ants into the hive?
  10. Bee Forum
    I only recently picked up a couple of screened bottom boards for my 2 hives. However, now I have the chore of trying to get them in underneath the lower deep and above the old solid bottom. Other than removing the hive bodies one by one, does anyone have advice on how to easily slip this in...
1-10 of 10 Results