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  1. Equipment/Hardware
    I recently received several Brushy Mountain 5-Frame Deep Nuc Boxes ... and I'm not happy about the dimensions. The inside width is 7 3/4" - way too wide for 5 frames and almost wide enough for a sixth frame. This also means that the outside width is 9 1/4 instead of 9" - so my telescoping...
  2. Consumer Report
    Be aware that the 8-frame feeder currently sold by Rossman is a 5-frame feeder mounted in a frame that fits on 8-frame boxes. It doesn't resemble the photo on their website. I...
  3. Consumer Report
    We just hived my brother's 2 packages. They looked great, very few dead, nice big fat marked queens. They were very calm. Didn't seem angry at all. Much less "in your face" than the other bees I got this year. :thumbsup:
1-3 of 3 Results