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reusing frames with comb

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    Good day, Two years ago I was able to trap a nice fat swarm with only a wooden box of about 20 litres without any frames or foundation. However, it was a real pain moving them to the hive... This year I am trying to build some traps "by the book". I know, I know: there is no one single...
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    Hello, I only had two hives wintering this year. And unfortunately, my bees didn't survive. Apparently, blinded by my last year's success of all of my 3 hives surviving, I did a sloppy winterizing job. Now I am left with about 12 fully capped frames of honey and some of the "rest" -...
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    New to beekeeping - started a year ago with one hive and it failed this winter because a family of mice moved into the hive (from August) and when I checked the hive in late January on a warm-snap, the hive was dead. I didn't extract anything, and have about 70+ pounds of honey/sugar syrup...
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    Going into my second season with bees. My hive didnt make it through the winter and I am very bummed, but also geeked up to start again. Im thinking of a nuc and one starter pkg. Im assuming I can put the new packaged bees in the hive that is already established? It has comb in it but no honey.