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  1. Beekeeping 101
    Good morning all, Installed 4 new package on the 9th. Three of four are in great shape, one is not. The queen is present, but there is no sign of eggs, larva, etc... Package was installed into drawn comb, fed 1:1 and given brood builder pattie. Queen appeared to be moving slower than normal...
  2. Bee Forum
    This is my first year as a beekeeper and its been a bit of a mixed bag. I wasn't able to harvest any honey this year, not sure if the Georgia weather had something to do with that, and the bees didnt fill all the frames . The queens laying pattern hasn't been great, very patchy and quite weak...
  3. The Queen & Bee Breeding
    I'm a brand new beekeper, I have one hive that was started spring of 2016. I lost the first queen fairly quickly, replaced her about mid-summer with a new queen from the mail. Last fall, that queen died and they replaced her. This spring, everything looked good, the queen was laying eggs and...
1-3 of 3 Results