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  1. Beekeeping 101
    I am moving a strong, double-deep hive from close to a home to a more suited location in the same yard. There are three kids under 5 in the home, so my goal is to minimize the number of bees who don't successfully reorient, return to the home and engulf the home in a cloud of angry, confused...
  2. Bee Forum
    I have a spot where I am thinking of moving a hive onto a place where a lot of wildflowers are in bloom. How much does this stress the bees? And how long does it take the bees to get reoriented to their new location with new floral sources, at least in a different location? Like does the new...
  3. Bee Forum
    Because of my location I have distinct spots in my apiary for hives. Each spring I have the need to move one or two colonies into a new position within the bee-yard for reasons that I won't go into now, but necessary. I usually can move the hives by either moving them a foot or so a day until...
1-3 of 3 Results