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removal wild feral comb

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    I'm faced with a hive in my home in Southern California every 7 years or so. (Specifically just south of Irvine in Orange County.) At this moment I have a huge hive in a wall and am waiting for a local contractor to remove them. In this area there is a lot of confusion about what we can and...
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    I keep my Airstream trailer in storage in North Ft. Myers from approx. April-January. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and try to spend a couple of months in the Ft. Myers area in the Airstream. This year it was delivered to our site with a colony that had taken residence under the front jack...
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    This is a colony that was discovered in a shed recently. It had to be moved, but I didn't get to do it as the roofer was on a deadline and I was on my way out of town for a week. A friend was able to get it however.