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  1. RWeaver Queens

    Consumer Report
    My Queens arrived on time and obviously in good condition on 05-05-20. I installed them that evening using the method described by Harry Vanderpool. These two photos were taken last evening 06-01-20. All four nucs are doing about the same. I am very pleased. Alex
  2. 2020 queens available now $22

    For Sale
    Carniolan/Italian queens ready to ship or pick up. Great quality fully mated queens. Feel free to call/text or email for more information Price Quantity $26 1–28 $22 28+ [email protected] 530-923-0942 Noel Tinoco
  3. Basic Queen Rearing

    The Queen & Bee Breeding
    Just wondering if some experienced queen breeders could use this thread to post some basic info for us noobs. maybe post some photos etc about how you go about the business. Preparation Setting up cell builders, etc. Best way to collect larvae Photos of your grafting setup. Timetables Anything...
  4. VSH Queens

    For Sale
    Certified queen breeder of Florida I have 4 laying queens all 2019 stock left over from mating nucs after combines. 2- Italians 2- Carniola's very good pattern and gentle Price $25.00ea plus shipping add $9.00 up to 4 queens John Wathey 813-480-2947 [email protected] Marion County, Florida...
  5. Northern Queens from Overwintered Stock of Treatment Free Apiary

    For Sale
    We are a Treatment Free Apiary located in Vermont selling Queens from our Overwintered Northern Hardy Stock. Our queens are a mixture of several lines, including Russian,Italian, Buckfast and Purvis . We are catching start date of June 19th through August. $30 a queen unless ordering over 11...
  6. Northern Raised Queens From Treatment Free Apiary

    For Sale
    Hello.We are Mcfarline Apiary and are located in Benson,VT. We are selling Queens raised from Northern Overwintered Breeding Stock that are a mix of Carniolian, Buckfast, Russian, VP Queens and Purvis Queens. The first catch is June25th and then three more, every 8 days. The cost is $30.00 a...
  7. Overwintered Five Frame Nucs for sale

    For Sale
    Overwintered five frames nucs for sale consisting of an overwintered queen, raised last summer, and the equivalent of three and a half to four frames of brood and bees produced from her making. The fifth frame consists of pollen and honey resources. Nucs are cash and carry and can be picked up...
  8. Looking for queens in East Texas

    Wanting to Buy
    Looking for local, or close by, vendor to buy queens from near tyler tx. who is closest with availability?
  9. When to stop making nucs?

    Bee Forum
    I'm making nucs and raising queens for the first time this year and while I don't expect to be making nucs through late July I am wondering when is a good time to halt queen rearing and nuc building and start prepping for fall? The goal is to raise nucs to sell for a few rounds and then...
  10. Feeding before splitting?

    The Queen & Bee Breeding
    I'm new to raising queens (aside from walkaway splits) so please forgive me if this is a typical question but I just can't find anything specific with any of my search terms. Background: I have about 8 overwintered healthy hives that are already pretty strong in Feb. I like the genetics of...
  11. Spring 2018- Nucs & Queens- Western Wisconsin and East Texas

    For Sale
    Spring 2018- 4-Frame Nucs - $125 + $10.00 deposit* Newer comb, large clusters with a 2018 queen for pick-up near Westby, Wisconsin. *Deposit is returned when the nuc box is returned in good working order. Mated Queens - Available staring mid-March to August-- (Italian and Russian/Italian...
  12. Looking for Mated Queens

    Bee Forum
    to any of my fellow Long Island, NY beekeepers out there. I am looking for maybe two mated queens. Two of my package hives went queenless and it's been almost two weeks since the queen cells they built hatched. And I know it can take another week or even two for a queen to start laying again...
  13. foreign graft acceptance

    Beekeeping 101
    I would like to start queen rearing this year. I have 6 early packages that I started with comb and stores. I would like to find another beek with a good donor colony that I can graft from. I am concerned about whether the grafts will be accepted in my own cell starter colony. They will be...
  14. Need Queens or queen cells

    Wanting to Buy
    Still looking for some queens or queens cells early March. First week of March would be nice. I know no California breeders will have mated queens then, bu i'll use cells if you have them or can tell me where to get them
  15. Maryland - Packages (march 21/22) and Nucs (April 29 and May 13/14) for sale

    For Sale
    Happy New Year! 3 lb package bees with Italian Queens for sale March 21/22 - Mount Airy, Md. $110 5 frame nucs, deep or medium - strong 5 frame nucs, no partially drawn frames April 29-30 - $145 (made in Maryland, queens started in Georgia with grafts from overwintered Maryland Queens)...
  16. 2 queens working it

    Photo/Video Gallery
    Ain't that the darnedest thang. They seem to be copacetic and frames loaded with brand new eggs. No drones and no evidence of queen cells. And my girls tend not to tear them down as people always say. #SoFLA Rules apply. Yes we have some drones this time of year.
  17. Pictures of Queens

    Bee Forum
    Hi all. I was just thinking it would be fun to share and see pictures of each other's queen(s), or some of them. If you decide to share please post the breed and/or breeder, if you know that info. I'll try to get a better picture, but here is one of my only queen. I don't know the breed. Maybe...
  18. Requeening using cells

    Bee Forum
    I would like to requeen about a dozen of my hives that have older queens. Most are in single deeps with excluders and supers on. I have read much on the idea of just putting the finished queen cell in the hive let it hatch and let nature take its course. This seems a simpler and less time and...
  19. replacing an old queen with a queen cell from a nearby hive

    Bee Forum
    I'm new to beek. and really shaky re: aspects of requeening. I have a strong hive which is sorta pissy and defensive and another hive (3 feet away from the 1st) whose bees are cool, calm and collected. Is it possible to take a queen cell from the "happy" hive and place into the "evil" hive so as...
  20. Queen feeder access

    Bee Forum
    I am moving my entrance feeders on top of the inner cover surrounded by an empty super to prevent robbing. I am also planning to add honey supers soon with a queen excluder. This will prevent the queen from easily accessing the feeders. Will this be an issue (i.e. Does the queen require...