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  1. For Sale
    We have Mated Queens Available for the next few weeks prior to fall that can be picked up here on the farm or shipped Nationwide (UPS overnight shipping only). We also have queen cells available twice a week for Farm Pickup. Send us an email or text us on ship dates or for pickup. Heritage Bee...
  2. For Sale
    Carniolan/Italian queens ready to ship or pick up. Great quality fully mated queens. Feel free to call/text or email for more information Price Quantity $26 1–28 $22 28+ [email protected] 530-923-0942 Noel Tinoco
  3. For Sale
    Queens are Italian carniolan. They lean more on the carniolan side. Fully mated we give them at least 22 days to mate after cell is put out Contact me to schedule pick up or delivery [email protected] 530-923-0942 Noel Tinoco
  4. For Sale
    2019 nucs for sale in East Texas. Available for pickup in mid-April in Whitehouse, TX or Crockett, TX. Email me for options and details. I build my nucs in 10 frame equipment using 8 frames and a feeder. Guarantee nuc to be at least 5 frames (brood, honey, new queen). 1. $145.00 - You provide...
  5. Bee Forum
    Hi, I've undertaken an interesting task with one of my hives. I sliced/halved full frames into half frames. While doing it I discovered plenty of capped queen cells on each frames. So I realized that the hive was queenless and they were raising new queens. I cut out these queen cells and...
  6. Consumer Report
    I ordered, through Beesource Private Message, 3 queens from Mike. He sent them on Monday, July 20 and I received them the next day on Tuesday July 21. They were sent by USPS Priority Express and were delivered to my front door. He had Emailed me the day before shipping, and the day of shipping...
  7. The Queen & Bee Breeding
    Hi EVERYONE! This is my first time posting, so excuse me if I sound like a newb or a little excited! I am recently seperated from active duty Air Force. My 5 years in was a great experience, but now it off to new adventures. One of my newest adventures is in beekeeping! My father In-law has been...
1-7 of 7 Results