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queenless colonies

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    Hello everyone, I'm new to beekeeping. I have 2 hives in my yard, one is doing very well, on the 5th frame of drawn comb (I used starter strips), larva at different stages, everything "looks normal" all since April 27th. The hive next to it has only 1/2 frame of comb, and nothing really...
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    Yesterday I found a hive queenless with no brood an a few capped cells. I am getting packckage bees next Sunday (1 week). Can I install a package in the queenless hive as if I were combining two hives? Or should I start combining the queenless hive with another and do a split when queens are...
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    Several weeks ago, three of my colonies swarmed. I left the queen cells in. All have opened. 3 weeks later, in each there are no eggs, no brood and no queens! (The weather in the UK has been very, very poor interspersed with a few nice days.) Can anyone offer any explanations pleas?