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  1. Removed Queen Escaped catcher/clip

    The Queen & Bee Breeding
    We had a top bar hive with a couple of issues. It was in a shadier spot in the apiary, had a large number of hive beetles AND the bees were pretty pissy. We relocated it to a sunnier position which helped drop the number of hive beetles a little, but didn't change the temperament of the bees...
  2. Found a queen and some bees on the grass

    Welcome Forum
    Hello, I found a queen with a dozen of workers on the grass. I caught the queen, and it turned to have some dirty thread (string) tied to one of the legs. Maybe it got injured or so. Any suggestions what can I do to save its live? Thanks
  3. Lost Queens

    Bee Forum
    Has anyone had terrible luck with returning mates queens? All six of my hives made it through winter, then all six have swarmed (caught all six by some miracle) but five of the six currently have no eggs. It’s been over three weeks since all of the swarms and still nothing. I literally witnessed...
  4. Queen Dead On Arrival

    Beekeeping 101
    New Beekeeper here! Our queen and all of her attendants were dead on arrival of our package bees. Here's the story: We are Floridians who just got our first package of bees from Mountain Sweet Honey Company (beginning to regret this choice). Hive was prepped: baseboard, deep brood box with...
  5. Stressed about status of queen in newly installed package

    Bee Forum
    Hi bee friends, My daughter and I installed a package of bees into our first hive on Friday. Even though the attendants in the queen cage were dead (the Italian bees were shipped from Georgia, a 5 day trip), we opted for delayed release (cage between two frames at the top of the box). We live...
  6. Swarm video - bees building ladder using their own bodies

    Photo/Video Gallery
    The other day a swarm decided to move in to a lure hive I put out for them. I caught them on video, saw the queen and helped her in, when to my surprise they built a ladder to bridge the gap to the landing board to help their sisters march. Here's the video I created for family and friends...
  7. Does absence of comb indicate queenlessness?

    Beekeeping 101
    Two weeks ago a swarm landed in an upside-down flower pot in my neighbor's yard. When I went to transfer them to my Langstroth box yesterday they hadn't started any comb yet, which I found peculiar. They had some wax deposits on the inside walls of the planter and they had been diligent about...
  8. How long after pollen starts before queen starts laying?

    Bee Forum
    If pollen starts going into the hive, will the queen start laying immediately, or is there a significant gap? A little pollen here last week and quite a lot today. I am wondering when I can expect new bees to start bulking up the hive population.

    Photo/Video Gallery
    Beeyard bloopers from our upcoming giant video on raising queens using the miller method!
  10. Montage of painting queens in SLOMO

    The Queen & Bee Breeding
    Not informative, but I find it to be quite beautiful! Hope you enjoy!
  11. Queens available now

    For Sale
    Queens are Italian carniolan. They lean more on the carniolan side. Fully mated we give them at least 22 days to mate after cell is put out Contact me to schedule pick up or delivery [email protected] 530-923-0942 Noel Tinoco
  12. Is a Queen Gate the same as a Travel Gate?

    And does anyone have a good source to buy them? Mann Lake does not seem to have them, or perhaps they are under a different name. Ideally the gates that can be flipped over to double as mice gates. Suggestions? Thanks!
  13. Queen Bee Automatic Detection Research

    Bee Forum
    Hello everyone, My name is Guillaume Gingras. I am studying computer science at the University of Rimouski in Quebec, Canada. This year, we have considered the issue of finding the queen bee in a hive and decided to make an image recognition algorithm to ease the job of finding the queen bee...
  14. Recoverable hive?

    Bee Forum
    Have a hive from a nuc that built up real quick this past spring. It seemed to be doing pretty well, in fact it was the only hive that I got honey from this year. When I tested for mites in August though, my other 3 hives had between 0 and 3 mites per 100, and this one had about 8. I gave...
  15. Mated NWC Queens

    For Sale
    We still have a few Open mated New World Carniolan queens for this season. Raised in Delphos, Ohio. Queens are mated and laying before shipping. Available through the first week of September. $32 each, 6-10 are $30 each, 11+ $28. Shipping by Priority mail is $9 for any quantity, express and UPS...
  16. Split gone awry!

    Bee Forum
    I am at a crossroads in solving a problem created by my goof. The plan was to create a split from my existing carniolan hive. Seemed like a good idea because I had a ton of bees and the honey flow appears to be over here in southern New Hampshire. I would remove two frames of emerging...
  17. New hive with swarm cells

    Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    I picked up a 5 frame nuc about a mont ago (6/8) and installed them into my first top bar hive. This past Saturday, when I went through the hive, I was unable to find the queen. I could very well have missed her, but more alarming was that I also saw 3 or 4 swarm cells and possibly 1...
  18. I think I have a real problem

    The Queen & Bee Breeding
    I started a new hive with a package bee delivery with a mated queen on April 12. The hive never seemed to grow, and today I found no sign of eggs, larvae, or brood cells. We searched and searched and couldn't spot the queen (who was marked). We were planning to do a powdered sugar test for...
  19. Hive Swarming?

    I have 1 hive that I successfully overwintered. I did a hive check on April 22nd -- so 15 days ago -- and saw eggs, brood of various stages, etc. And, I was lucky enough to lay eyes on my queen and witness her laying. I went back and checked on the hive yesterday (May 7th) - saw no eggs...
  20. Is this normal or aggressive behavior to a new queen?

    Bee Forum
    Quick context: Queenless NUC with no brood or eggs 2.5 weeks after install. Put a new mated queen still the plastic in the box for a couple of days for some extra acclamation. Also added a frame of brood with some larvae 3 days ago. So after three days, took a peek and observed this... Is...