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queen rearing

  1. brood break varroa mite treatment by adding a queen cell (requeening)

    Treatment-Free Beekeeping
    Suppose you are making queens. You have bad hives that you want to treat for varroa (with an artificial brood break) and requeen. You want to breed from and not treat your good hives. How do you do this? The goal for bad hives Apply the treatment. requeen My simplified definition of a brood...
  2. 2020 queens available now $22

    For Sale
    Carniolan/Italian queens ready to ship or pick up. Great quality fully mated queens. Feel free to call/text or email for more information Price Quantity $26 1–28 $22 28+ [email protected] 530-923-0942 Noel Tinoco
  3. How to keep honeybees alive and thriving.

    Blogs, Podcasts, and Video Presentations
    Laurel and I keep 300+ colonies. We both kept bees before we were married and struggled in the early years with consistency and having large amounts of healthy hives year after year. Here are a couple of the things we didnt know over a decade ago that we do now to maintain our beekeeping...
  4. Queen Cell incubator

    Looking for a reasonably priced incubator. This one is about perfect: with the exception of one thing. It's in Celsius. I want one that shows Fahrenheit. Now I am fully aware I can use a calculator...
  5. Basic Queen Rearing

    The Queen & Bee Breeding
    Just wondering if some experienced queen breeders could use this thread to post some basic info for us noobs. maybe post some photos etc about how you go about the business. Preparation Setting up cell builders, etc. Best way to collect larvae Photos of your grafting setup. Timetables Anything...
  6. Queen cell cutout for split

    The Queen & Bee Breeding
    This isn't a brag or a how's just how I did it while attempting to solve my plastic foundation dilemma with cutting out queen cells. It was an experiment (which I like to do) which worked. It's an option.
  7. Breeder Queen Timing Box Project

    I enjoy my winter hive tool pouch project, german hive bottom project, bee funnel and shook swarm box and now the timing box project. This is used for getting queens to lay on a specific frame for a set amount of time so you will always have handy correct age larvae to graft...
  8. When to stop making nucs?

    Bee Forum
    I'm making nucs and raising queens for the first time this year and while I don't expect to be making nucs through late July I am wondering when is a good time to halt queen rearing and nuc building and start prepping for fall? The goal is to raise nucs to sell for a few rounds and then...
  9. Royal Jelly and JZBZ Cell Cups - When is Enough Enough?

    The Queen & Bee Breeding
    I've been building cell builders and grafting for four years now. I know how to get the bees to fill the cups with royal jelly to overflowing proportions. My question is this: At what point - and when - is enough, enough? Many times I check on my grafts on days two or three, and the JZBZ style...
  10. Raised Queen Mating Procedure

    The Queen & Bee Breeding
    I've been researching about grafting and queen rearing. I understand everything up to "after the queens hatch". I have some questions about the mating process. My main question is, "do they have to be instrumentally inseminated?" Or is there a way for open mating? I don't see a lot of discussion...
  11. Video: The Cell Builder explained

    The Queen & Bee Breeding
    High everyone, i just wanted to share this video i made on how i raise my queens here in Brittany France. Not telling anyone how they should or shouldn't raise their queens, because everyone should try different methods until they find a method that works for them. This Method is based of...
  12. Will the cell finnisher swarm?

    The Queen & Bee Breeding
    Hi, second year beekeeper here. Did My first graft on sunday in a starter and then transfered the grafts to a Queen right finnisher on thuesday in the super above the excluder with plan to put the cages on this saturday. The finnisher colony has space and has no signs of swarming tendency...
  13. Queen rearing caledar wheel

    The Queen & Bee Breeding
    Does anyone know where I can purchase a queen rearing calendar wheel? I saw one at the HAS conference in KY last month. The only website I could find was, it is located in Armenia. Although the language on the wheel is Armenian, it is an excellent visual tool on queen development.
  14. Mating NUC question: OK to Use a Queen castle??

    The Queen & Bee Breeding
    Using the Nicot system (today is day 4, larvae transferred) and at the point of thinking ahead to making up mating NUCS. I'm a little confused by the mating NUCS for sale at ML...there's not enough information about how to use them. What's the point of using small frames that have no...
  15. Early Queen Emergence... 2nd year in a row

    The Queen & Bee Breeding
    I'm puzzled. This is the second year in a row that my queens have emerged 2 or even 3 days early. All of the calendars say that queens emerge around day 16 from the date the egg is laid (counting the first day as day #1). I figured that last year it was due to warm weather, but this year its...
  16. OTS Queen rearing, why notch at all

    Bee Forum
    I am beginner and I don't understand, why should I notch frames with young larvae when making quenless split/nuc. From my experience, they always started queen cells from any egg/larva frame I gave them. No notching, nothing. So what is so interesting about this OTS method? Why can't I just make...
  17. Should I make queen cages?

    Beekeeping 101
    I would like 30 to 2,000 queen cages. Most people here say they like plastic. More youtubers use wood. Unless queen breeders experience different variables, there is only 1 best cage design. Here are some designs I could make. 1. Make “3 hole” style cages. Put 4’X8’ plywood on a CNC router...
  18. Queen Rearing for Hobbyists

    The Queen & Bee Breeding
    In 2011 I wrote an article and started a thread on Beesource about a really simple way to rear high quality queens that even a very small scale hobbyist can do - using a queenless 5 frame nuc as the cell builder. Since then I've tried several of the other popular systems, but this one just...
  19. Double Nuc Question

    I have been building a slightly tweaked Michael Palmer nuc. My plan is a divided deep with shaved frame ears to accomodate 5 by 5 in a standard size body. On top, I have two four frame mediums but with shaved ears, I can get 5 frames in each medium. I built a bottom board with an oil trap...
  20. Queen Castle Questions

    I plan to build and have studied several versions of queen castles. I'm thinking about extending the deep box enough to create additional space underneath for queen cells and space above for feeding patties if needed. That would mean that the space above and below the frames would violate bee...