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queen introduction

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    Hello group. This is my second year beekeeping and things were great up until two weeks ago. My experience in the first year was great - both hive grew two brood chambers and full two supers each - resulting in 85lb of raw honey. Real easy......right :) This year, everything was going...
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    I have a colony that is queen-less. During hive inspection I found honey production, some comb building on various frames and a minor amount of drone cells. No brood or queen cells at all. I have a plan and would like input and suggestions. I am relocating a feral hive and will find their queen...
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    Background: I bought 3 packages and installed them on April 27th. All are doing will with new emerging bees now. They are lined up on a hive stand side by side and the one on the right is twice as strong as the other two. When I installed them I believe a lot of the bees that were flying...
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    When introducing a queen, how important is it to poke a hole through the candy in the queen cage? Will it take them a lot longer to eat through the candy without the hole?