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queen behavior
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    Hello everyone, My name is Guillaume Gingras. I am studying computer science at the University of Rimouski in Quebec, Canada. This year, we have considered the issue of finding the queen bee in a hive and decided to make an image recognition algorithm to ease the job of finding the queen bee...
  2. Bee Forum
    Yesterday I had a collection of queens in cages in the car and (again) heard them challenging one another through teir characteristic sounds. I wondered if one could actually attract a queen to come to a spot (thus making it MUCH easier to find her) in a hive through recordings of such challenge...
  3. The Queen & Bee Breeding
    I removed a frame of brood with two QC's from an Italian hive to a nuc. This was yesterday. The QCs were very small but larger than drone brood [If I can ever figure out how to post photos from my phone I will do so]. In any event, postedsome photos to a FB group and was getting feedback that...
1-3 of 3 Results