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  1. Bee Forum
    When I've given my bees entrances that were too large, they wouldn't shrink them. How will they shrink their entrances for winter or robbing? I've tried putting propolis in the hive, but it didn't work.
  2. Products of The Hive
    Propolis is an often unrecognized hive product with multiple benefits. Do you know how to collect it and use it. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about propolis. What is Propolis? Propolis is a natural product, used by bees to seal the hive. The smallest gap is filled...
  3. Wanting to Buy
    I'm looking for clean propolis- washed and without wax. I have a customer who desperately wants it for her mother who has cancer, and I don't have enough for her right now. I am willing to pay to have it shipped. Please email at [email protected] Thanks, Jayne 330-763-4752 text
  4. Scientific Studies / CCD / Neonics
    German scientists of the Universität Würzburg present electron microscopic images of holes in the propolis layer online among a theory of their formation and effect. It is stated that bees create these holes on purpose to ensure the removal of moisture by water vapor diffusion. Supposedly, they...
  5. Scientific Studies / CCD / Neonics
    Antioxidant and cytotoxic activity of propolis of Plebeia droryana and Apis mellifera (Hymenoptera, Apidae) from the Brazilian Cerrado biome Propolis is a complex bioactive mixture produced by bees, known to have different biological activities, especially in countries where there is a rich...
  6. Bee Forum
    Hello, Does anybody know how to get the sticky board out if bees glued it using propolis? I wanted to do an inspection this morning to see what's going on on the bottom board and couldn't take it out on both my hives :( Later I noticed that bees glued it to the sliding place using a propolis...
  7. Bee Forum
    I would like to sell propolis ...Who are reliable buyers and any tips to get the best price Have to have the girls pay their way 😊
  8. Products of The Hive
    Does anyone know who buys propolis? And who buys dark comb wax (not cappings)?
  9. Bee Forum
    I know some folks use grease patties to help remove mites from bees, but I've also been told fat only gunks up the bees's wings and can kill them. True? Some videos I've watched show keepers sifting powdered sugar onto (and between) frames to knock off mites. An old-timer told me, tho', that...
  10. Equipment/Hardware
    So tonight I got to hear Marla Spivak speak and she talked about some experiments they did with either painting propolis on the inside of hives or lining the hive boxes with propolis traps to coax bees into lining the hive boxes with the resin. Has anyone tried other methods of roughing up the...
  11. Scientific Studies / CCD / Neonics
    Chemical Composition and Biological Activity of Extracts Obtained by Supercritical Extraction and Ethanolic Extraction of Brown, Green and Red Propolis Derived from Different Geographic Regions in Brazil The variations in the chemical composition, and consequently, on the biological activity of...
  12. Photo/Video Gallery
    Hi, I purchased this locally, and I'm wondering if it is actually propolis. I'm not yet a beekeeper, so that's why I'm asking. What do you say? Thanks!
  13. Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    My top bar hive has three one-inch holes in the front (at the top). I was planning to plug two of them with corks when it got a bit colder, but today I noticed that the bees are propolising up two of this. They have preferred the one on the left all year, and the middle one is now 50% covered...
  14. Scientific Studies / CCD / Neonics
    Determination of Parameters for the Supercritical Extraction of Antioxidant Compounds from Green Propolis Using Carbon Dioxide and Ethanol as Co-Solvent The aim of this study was to determine the best processing conditions to extract Brazilian green propolis using a supercritical extraction...
  15. Equipment/Hardware
    Does the beveled side face the bees or away from the bees? Thanks
  16. Apitherapy
    Organic Tracers from Asphalt in Propolis Produced by Urban Honey Bees, Apis mellifera Linn. Propolis is a gummy material produced by honey bees to protect their hives and currently has drawn the attention of researchers due to its broad clinical use. It has been reported, based only on...
  17. Apitherapy
    Antibacterial Compounds from Propolis of Tetragonula laeviceps and Tetrigona melanoleuca (Hymenoptera: Apidae) from Thailand This study investigated the chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of propolis collected from two stingless bee species Tetragonula laeviceps and Tetrigona...
  18. Apitherapy
    Nitric Oxide and Brazilian Propolis Combined Accelerates Tissue Repair by Modulating Cell Migration, Cytokine Production and Collagen Deposition in Experimental Leishmaniasis The fact that drugs currently used in the treatment of Leishmania are highly toxic and associated with acquired...
1-20 of 32 Results