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  1. Commercial Beekeeping
    I want to start a thread with proposed 2020 pollination prices, although you can post prices for 2019 as well. I am also interested in hives per acre for each crop and how the hives are placed - how many per drop and what configuration in the field or orchard. Any other information...
  2. Bee Forum
    If I were to buy honey from a commercial honey producer, how much should I expect to pay per pound? I would see if I could buy by the 5 gal. bucket. Located in Kansas.
  3. Where To Buy . . .
    Heya Beeks! I'm wondering what companies are the best for competitive prices, free shipping, speedy delivery when it comes to beekeeping tools.. I'm sure this is a redundant question, but suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! -BK
  4. Products of The Hive
    Did a quick search and didn't find this info, so I thought I'd ask. What price are people selling their lip balm tubes for? Was thinking about making some to sell and wanted to get an idea on what others are doing. Thanks!
  5. Commercial Beekeeping
    Hey you big guys out there any one want to share what's to be expected in California next year bee shortages, prices things of that nature thanks
1-5 of 5 Results