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pollen substitute

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    This may sounds strange, but I’ve been reading about pollen substitutes for bees and a lot of information online talks about soy protein isolate, pea protein, and various vitamins and minerals. Honestly a lot of it is way over my head. Just wondering if anyone has ever done any research into...
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    Curious if anyone has experienced this. I have bought pre-made patties before, but never plain powder form pollen sub. I bought a 10 pound pail of Bee-Pro pollen. Let me start off by saying this is in no way a bash on the company or their product. I'm sure there is an explanation. I have a few...
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    My wife feeds crushed corn to her "pet" deer. Bees constantly work the corn this time of year. Whenever I put out pollen substitute (Mann Lake variety) they ignore it. Does anyone have any suggestions to get them to notice the substitute? Maybe a little lemongrass oil? Thanks in advance for...
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    Hi let me first tell you that i am new to beekeeping. as the fall is already there and winter is going to start. What i find in my hives is very less honey, no pollen and no eggs. Actually the autumn crop was destroyed due heavy rains and flood. I feed them sugar syrup these days and they are...
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    Do you feed your bees and if so what? Also what are your thoughts on natural pollen compared to pollen patties?
  6. Treatment-Free Beekeeping
    So this will be my first winter and I've been making my list of things to get ( winter projects) boxes, mouse guards ect... I was wondering what the best pollen substitute is for a treatment free beek? I'm not really sure what goes into them and I don't want to feed them a bunch of synthetic...
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    "Bulk Packed Soft Patties" (I'm looking to buy 11 boxes of these) Do you recommend them? Or, which other patties would you recommend?
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    Hi, I was wanting a recipe for dry pollen substitute please?