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  1. Nectar & Pollen Plants
    Hi Friends, Is it possible to plant a field into a combination of clover species and have it reseed/regrow indefinitely? I have searched for this information here on BeeSource, in books, and online, and haven't found quite what I am looking for. If it has been discussed here, I would welcome...
  2. Beekeeping 101
    Interested in the highest nutritional value for my bees. Considering planting a few F1 hybrid perennials or sacrificing newer attributes and planting the open pollinated variety of the same plant from seed. Searching BeeSource. Any thoughts or references? No pollen is a no go. But wondering...
  3. Nectar & Pollen Plants
    Hope I am posting this in the best place. Been hearing/reading about these bushes and started looking for some. They are pretty much all gone for the year now. However, a fellow couple of hours away made me an offer I couldn't refuse. They are small young plants - look great. Couple at...
  4. Nectar & Pollen Plants
    Can a small planting really affect the honey flow. I know the bees do wonderful things for my garden, but considering their range, does the garden do any thing much for them?
1-4 of 4 Results