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  1. Scientific Studies / CCD / Neonics
    "Key Findings The environmental assessment showed that, in aquatic environments in Canada, imidacloprid is being measured at levels that are harmful to aquatic insects. These insects are an important part of the ecosystem, including as a food source for fish, birds and other animals. Based on...
  2. Bee Forum
    Sign the petition, folks:
  3. Scientific Studies / CCD / Neonics
    I signed the petition, do what you think is best. Also if you know anything about this post it for others to read.
  4. Scientific Studies / CCD / Neonics
    Direct the EPA to ban the use of Neonicotinoid pesticides, until proven that it does not negatively impact honeybees. Numerous recent studies link the CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) of honeybees to the use of certain Neonicotinoid pesticides (e.g. imidacloprid, clothianidin, thiamethoxam)...
1-4 of 4 Results