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    This looks like the forum on beekeeping I've been looking for. Not new to beekeeping, but I know there's a lot I don't know, and I'm sure I'm going to find new friends and answers to my questions. Right now I'm in Maine and have decided 8 months of winter is more than I can tolerate. ;0) So...
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    Hello Everyone! I am happy to finally join bee source after years of learning from this massive resource! My name is Jacob Wustner and I am a second generation commercial beekeeper from Missoula, MT. Currently I live in Stevensville, MT in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley. My brother and I...
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    Nice to meet you all! Currently we're down in Costa Rica filming a permaculture design course. In the near future we hope to settle down long enough to start a hive. We've been around beekeeping in a lot of ways for about a decade. We're really into apitherapy lately. Cheers, Chris
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    Hello everyone. I am a Permaculture Designer working on a community farm project in Costa Rica. I am having difficulty identifying a local source for honey bees and was hoping this community would help. Any ideas?? Michael