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  1. Equipment/Hardware
    I am planning to build a few pallets, probably just 2 way pallets but possibly 4 way, and I think I will have someone that can wax dip them for me to save painting. If the bottom supports that contact the ground are made from basic pine will the wax dipping be enough to protect them against rot...
  2. For Sale
    60 Double Deeps - $180 64 Singles - $120 20 Nucs - $80 Everything is 10 frame deep. Minimum purchase is 10 colonies. Price negotiable on larger quantities. Local pickup only. Note: approximately 70% still need to be placed on 4-way pallets as I don't have enough on hand at the moment. Plenty...
  3. FAQ
    Migratory hives are often/usually palletized. The pallets typically hold 4 or 6 hives, and enable handling by forklift. In some cases the pallet also functions as the hive bottom board, and there may be clips ("U" clips or "W" clips) to hold the hive bodies in the proper spot on the pallet...
  4. Commercial Beekeeping
    planning on making some new pallets and some migratory lids and was wondering if most commercial folks run plywood lids/pallets or if they run cement board? Cement board seems the way to go and was hoping someone knows of a good supplier in CA to purchase from?
  5. Commercial Beekeeping
    It seems to me most commercial beekeepers prefer 4-way over 6-way pallets. Is it because of weight, or size? Or because of those two hives in the middle which you need to stand in front of to work with them? I'm considering buying and using 6-way pallets this year.
  6. Bee Forum
    My bees have began to cluster underneath the box inside of the planks of the pallet it is sitting on. I just got the bees as a cutout from yesterday, and putting them in the box got a bit messy. A ton of bees were on the grass around it during the transfer. They keep clustering around the pallet...