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painted hives

  1. Scottsville Supply Co.
    We now have PAINTED 10 Frame hive kits and components to make this spring that much easier! Our FREE SHIPPING on internet orders over $200 definitely applies to these. Visit our website and be ready for spring.
  2. Beekeeping 101
    I would like to know whether it is advisable to paint the top and bottom edges of hive bodies or leave them natural wood. I have been using semi-gloss paint which tends to make them stick together. I figured it would be good to paint them to preserve the wood, but was wondering what the...
  3. Bee Forum
    Hi. I am looking for some advice on the safest products to use of new hives. I've been given suggestions such as Linseed Oil, Benjamin Moores line of exterior low VOC paint, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks.