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  1. Winter Beekeeping
    Hypothetically ;);) let's say you have a nuc or a single deep and they have very little or even NO honey left in January. Could they successfully overwinter with just mountain camp sugar or sugar bricks until you could feed them syrup in Spring? Zone 6B
  2. Winter Beekeeping
    I did mountain camp feeding last year with empty supers (or a deep) on top and the bees seemed to winter just fine. I left them in that configuration in fall b/c I had feeders up there. I removed the feeders and now am going to do mountain camp as insurance and to help with any condensation(as a...
  3. Beekeeping 101
    1- Should I hive a 3#package in a 5 frame deep NUC or 10 frame deep? All I have is foundation. What are the advantages and disadvantages or each. 2- What is better for an overwintered 5 frame deep NUC, a- add a second 5 frame deep supper, b-move to a 10 frame deep, or c- something else. What...
  4. Welcome Forum
    Hello everyone and thanks in advance for all the knowledge I plan to gain from everyone. I am starting from scratch this spring and have just the knowhow that I have gained from the internet. You know what they say "Everything on internet is true" so I am sure I have lots of real world learning...
1-4 of 4 Results