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  1. Welcome Forum
    Hi everyone 200 oaks here. I've used this website for many years and have enjoyed the information I found on it. I have finally decided to register so I can play a little more proactive role in the forum. I have been beekeeping now for eight years and really enjoy doing anything beekeeping. I...
  2. Observation Hive Forum
    I'd like to build myself a simple compact warré observation hive that is 2 frames side by side. I would take 1 brood frame and one frame with stores from a full hive and place them in the observation hive when doing 1 day presentations. At most I expect to have the bees in there for a day. At...
  3. Beekeeping 101
    Hello folks, my name is Michael and I am new here. I have this idea to make an observation hive from an old aquarium. My goal is to make it as close to a natural bee hive as I can. I want it strictly for observation. I’m not just talking a glass box full of bees, I want an actual hive. I...
1-3 of 3 Results