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  1. Creating an exterior OAV treatment device

    Greetings, This is how I build the Burrell Creek Bee Supply OAV from start to finish. It is my intention to show what you will need to purchase and how to complete every step along the way. I have comments turned off to keep this posting uncluttered so please PM me if you have questions or...
  2. Beekeeping 101
    Do fall swarms ever return to the originating hive? This colony has a very full deep and very full medium and the number of bees surprised me when I took a good look today. Wall to wall bees. I'm sure it's hard to track bees, but wanted to see if anyone had large population influxes before...
  3. Bee Forum
    Background I've had bees for six years now. My hive count has steady increased to 12 production hives and about 12 nucs. Production hives looked great during the flow and produced 120 pounds of honey per hive. Treatment method I treat with OAV only with a ProVap 110, solid bottom boards and...
  4. Bee Forum
    So I have been keeping 2 hives for a few years now. Still pretty inexperienced and like to bounce alot of things off a mentor I had helping me a great deal the first 2 or so seasons. I know he has had good success doing OAV in early spring and Novemberish and MAQs in August. I was set to do my...
  5. Equipment/Hardware
    Hi all, I have made my own version of common Oxalic Acid vaporizers but mine runs on 110VAC and has a digital PID temperature controller. I don't have a 12V battery to lug around but my hives are close to the house and I have an extension cord! I am thinking of making more to sell in the "for...
  6. Diseases and Pests
    I live in south central Kansas and typically keep a few colonies of bees for honey production. After several seasons of heavy loss due to varroa, my partner and I decided to invest in a vaporizer to treat our colonies. My question is timing. I've read material by Randy Oliver and others, and...
  7. Diseases and Pests
    Hey all any use a fogger for OA treatment? I saw a video with a guy using this method and wanted to if anyone was doing this
  8. Diseases and Pests
    Does anyone know where can I buy one similar to the one in the below video? It seems very easy to operate and fast. It's Italian I believe. I would love to find one to buy, but could not find where can I buy it from. However I don't know how effective it is. Please help...
  9. Bee Forum
    Hello, I am a relatively new beekeeper and am planing to use oxalic acid vaporization as a varroa mite prevention. Unfortunately, I've seen a few on my bees, whenever they were hanging out in front of the hive bottom board. I don't think the mite count is too many, because observing them almost...
  10. Diseases and Pests
    Hey guys I'm about treat with OAV but I'm feeding still. I use internal feeders. Should I remove them? I get removing the supers. But sugar water not sure
  11. Diseases and Pests
    Has anyone been successfully vaporizing their nucs..dbl deep nuc bodies? If so, what dose are you using..1/2 scoop (Gm)?
  12. Diseases and Pests
    I've heard of someone vaporizing from the top of the hive. Does anyone do that? What's the technique? Is it just as effective as placing vaporizer on bottom board? What if I made a 3" spacer with a notch for the vaporizer handle and sat it above top deep, sat vaporizer on top bars (with a small...
  13. Diseases and Pests
    I'm getting ready to do my first course of varroa treatments, and in doing so, have been getting all my safety gear together. This lead me to think bout the fact that, if I need respirator, goggles, etc..., what about my neighbors? Does the OAV dissipate quickly enough that, if you're not...
  14. Bee Forum
    Does it make since for me to vaporize at dusk when more bees are in the hive? One would think this would hit more of the colony? What's the downside? Thanks in advance for thoughts on this topic.
  15. Diseases and Pests
    I just started using OAV and I wonder how long do you keep the hive sealed after treatment. The instructions say up to 10 min after treatment, but I see many in the YouTube videos don't continue to seal the hive at all after the 2:30 min treatment. Interested to hear opinion on what others do...
  16. Diseases and Pests
    Does anyone do August OAV treatments (assuming sublimation) with a brood break for 21 days to maximize it effectiveness?
  17. Diseases and Pests
    Made a homemade OAV. $7.95 for coffee warmer, $1.65 for 3/4" copper end, rest of parts free from around the shop. I tested it out, works fine. I hope it lasts as it vaporizes acid in seconds and I wonder if unit will burn out quickly/ Thoughts?
  18. Diseases and Pests
    Is Savogran wood bleach from the hardware store pure enough to use in OAV? I looked specs up and it says 95-100% pure. Anyone using this common brand? Thanks
  19. Diseases and Pests
    This question is not directed to the treatment-free beekeepers and it is not intended to stir up a debate whether one should treat or not treat. A lot of advice I have read says a beekeeper should have equipment and supplies on hand so you have them when you need them, e.g. an extra hive for a...
  20. Bee Forum
    I tried out a homemade OAV device powered by the standard 12V battery and was not too impressed. while the device worked perfectly well, I required me to remove entrance reducers to get it into the hive, and on some of my hives it fit poorly due to low hanging burr comb, or in some cases a lack...
1-20 of 22 Results