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    Just watched Jim from Vino Farms on YouTube and he had only one survivor hive out of 14. Say what you will about YouTube but I have learned a lot there and from him in particular. I think he's great for new people just starting out. He's entertaining and easy to watch. Just heartbreaking...
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    Retired after 45 years. I have treated thousands of animals and raised animals including endangered species.Started bees 3 years ago and have had some success and some bad problems but thought this year was my year to shine. 4 hives, 3 strong and saskatraz bees.We had a tremendous amount of rain...
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    Honey Bee Workers That Are Pollen Stressed as Larvae Become Poor Foragers and Waggle Dancers as Adults The negative effects on adult behavior of juvenile undernourishment are well documented in vertebrates, but relatively poorly understood in invertebrates. We examined the effects of larval...
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    Influence of Pollen Nutrition on Honey Bee Health: Do Pollen Quality and Diversity Matter? The beneficial influence of pollen availability on bee health is well-established but whether quality and diversity of pollen diets can modify bee health remains largely unknown. We therefore tested the...
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    Does anybody have any experience making pollen patties fresh, without using soy or other additives, other than sugar and water? I have access to a lot of fresh pollen and am trying to figure out if pure pollen patties are necessarily better or if there is a reason not to do this.
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    Modeling Food and Population Dynamics in Honey Bee Colonies When forager death rates are low, low food availability limits both the amount of food accumulated by the colony, and colony population size (Figure 2b). However as food availability increases, the amount of stored food and total hive...
1-6 of 6 Results