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nurse bees

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    Do you need nurse bees to produce royal jelly or can any worker make it. I have a swarm without a queen. If I put in a frame with eggs but no nurse bees, just the foragers from the swarm, will they make a queen?
  2. Beekeeping 101
    Hi, We have been off and on beekeepers for about three years in Oregon. Last year a swarm moved into our deserted hive and set up housekeeping. They did just great on their own and this spring they swarmed. Then swarmed again a few weeks later! The hive looked pretty busy still, so we...
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    What is your process for making splits or making nucs? Do you move half the split to another physical location or is the fact that both hives have nurse bees enough to keep the bees separated even in close proximity. even if 1 is without a queen?The purpose for me would be to let them know for...
  4. The Queen & Bee Breeding
    Hello all. I'm trying to create some splits and am wondering about a few things about making nucs or splits - Does it matter if I combine nurse bees from different hives into the new nuc whenever I move frames? Not having but 3 hives, I have to sometimes combine frames from different hives...