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  1. 2 Frame Nucs

    Does anybody know where I can get a plan to build 2 frame nucs? Thanks in advance.
  2. Simple NUC Multiplication.

    Video Gallery
    In the video I show how we simple and quickly multiply our nucs. I appreciate all input and questions. THANKS! LINK IS FIXED
  3. East Texas Nucs - FOR SALE - $150 - Available Mid April

    For Sale
    Nucs include 5+ frames of brood / honey / new queen / bees All of our options are made up during the spring using bees with a queen grafted by us at CNC Honey Farms. All of our options will be available to pick up around mid-April. When you receive your hive, it will contain five-plus frames of...
  4. Nucs for Sale. Available around mid-April.

    For Sale
    Nucs for Sale. Available around mid-April. Nucs include 5+ frames of brood / honey / new queen / bees All of our options are made up during the spring using bees with a queen grafted by us at CNC Honey Farms. All of our options will be available to pick up around mid-April. When you receive...
  5. 2020 nucs for sale

    For Sale
    Reserve your nucs for spring 2020! These will be 4 frame nucs with an in hive feeder. Good frames and good population with a new proven queen. They will be available for pick up in Bancroft, Wisconsin near the end of April-first week of May weather dependent. Larger orders of nucs could also be...
  6. Hi from Lincoln, Uk

    Welcome Forum
    Hello As yet no bees, but a friend asked me if I could build her a Nuc hive as I have a table saw and router. I've purchased a couple of the 'Dummies' books, ie: Building Beehives and the other was Beekeeping for Dummies. Strangely I'm halfway through the 'Beekeeping' book as its really...
  7. Nucs not taking feed

    Bee Forum
    I have 4 nucs I started later than usual-first week of July. The queens are laying , everything looks good and I’ve been feeding them right along. Trouble is, they’re not storing anything much. My bigger hives are sucking up the syrup and packing it away but these nucs are just barely using the...
  8. Hello From the Adirondacks

    Welcome Forum
    Hi all. Just looking around for some info and decided to join here. I have been keeping bees for about 25 years. I live in the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York so this location is one of the worst for keeping bees. Temperatures reach 30° below zero Fahrenheit and wind chills can...
  9. Nucs for Sale in Clinton, Michigan.

    For Sale
    200 Nucs For Sale in Clinton, Michigan on 06-05-19. $135.00 Five frames of bees 3+ frames of brood 2 frames honey and pollen. Please call Jacob at +1 (517) 902-3200 to place You order. More available in Florida 06-01-19 to 10-01-19 For bigger orders please call Alex at 4078601065
  10. Nucs, Single and DoubleDeep hives - 4 sale in California

    For Sale
    I have several hundred hives for sale ... untill all sold out 5 frame nucs ... in a new pro-nuc box... you keep the box... 10 nucs minimum sale ... $100 per nuc 10 frame singles.. on totally new or used 1 season equipment .. wax-dipped lids, 4way pallets, u-clips ... 2 pallet minimum sale ...
  11. 2 Nucs (4 or 5 frame) in Fairfield County, CT

    Wanting to Buy
    Looking to buy two nucs available for pickup in Fairfield County, CT.
  12. Nucs / Full Hives / Supplies - Mid Tennessee

    For Sale
    5 Frame Nucs - 3 frame brood, 1.5 food - $165 500+ available Single Box Hive - $225 - Free 4 way pallet for every 4 Double Deeps - $300 - Free 4 way pallet for every 4 Other supplies available 4 way pallets - $35 10 frame boxes (assembled and painted) - $12.50 Nuc boxes - $10.50 Plastic...
  13. 4 Frame nucs

    For Sale
    4 frame nucs available April 20. Frames in good condition no broken ears. Located in northern California. Contact me for more information about freight shipping or pick up arrangements. 1-50 $150 50+ $130 [email protected] (530)-923-0942 Noel Tinoco Butte Valley Apiaries
  14. 2019 Nucs / Bees for Sale in East Texas

    For Sale
    2019 nucs for sale in East Texas. Available for pickup in mid-April in Whitehouse, TX or Crockett, TX. Email me for options and details. I build my nucs in 10 frame equipment using 8 frames and a feeder. Guarantee nuc to be at least 5 frames (brood, honey, new queen). 1. $145.00 - You provide...
  15. 5 Frame honey bee nucs / Lot Of Ten / Limited Free delivery / 2019 Pre-sale - $1650

    For Sale
    2019 PRESALE LOT OF TEN MINIMUM @ $165 per nuc free delivery included within 650 miles of Gautier MS 39553. We do not deliver to Florida. Or $145 per nuc picked-up in Gautier MS. Delivery and pickup begins the week of April 14, 2019. No nuc box deposit needed, no frame exchange needed. These...
  16. Truckload of double deeps from almond pollination

    Wanting to Buy
    We are in located in Michigan, and we are looking to acquire a semi load of bees off almonds. We are looking to build a relationship with a commercial beekeeper in the South (any state capable of doing splits in mid-March). We would like to have the load of bees sent to your location where we...
  17. Bees For Sale - Arizona

    For Sale
    Approximately: - 60 Double Deeps ($12k) - 64 Singles ($9k) - 20 Nucs - or 8 Frame Singles with frame feeders depending on when transaction occurs - ($2k) Everything is 10 frame deep. Negotiable if flexible and wiling to take entire lot. 80% still need to be placed on 4-way pallets as I don't...
  18. Overwintering nucs

    Bee Forum
    Can someone walk me through an overwintering protocol for nucs? I have 2 in 8-frame mediums and one in a 5-frame deep, new queens just beginning laying. Do I feed them up and try to expand them into 2 boxes? Or hold back and keep them small? We are at the end of the main nectar season here in...
  19. nuc robbing

    Bee Forum
    We are in a drought, with little rain in the past month and very hot days. With shallow and sandy soils, the fields are drying out. I made up a number of splits with queen cells and a few frames of bees. When I added an inverted jar feeder above the inner cover with an extra box over it...
  20. Overwintered Five Frame Nucs for sale

    For Sale
    Overwintered five frames nucs for sale consisting of an overwintered queen, raised last summer, and the equivalent of three and a half to four frames of brood and bees produced from her making. The fifth frame consists of pollen and honey resources. Nucs are cash and carry and can be picked up...