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  1. Welcome Forum
    Newly made account, but i've been around for a while reading and learning. I reserved my first Nuc and am putting my first hive together for the spring. Have always wanted to keep bees! Planning on attending the local clubs meetings in February/march. Have a good day! :)
  2. Welcome Forum
    Just a few word to say Bonjours/hi every one I'am new on this bee source. I wanted to see image posted so i register. Hopefully i can contribute helping other in their venture. I'am from Québec canada south part about an hour drive north of Burlington vermont. so my english is not the best, i...
  3. Welcome Forum
    Hello all This is my first posting. I live in Oakland, CA and my neighbor keeps Bees and over the past year she has had a hive on my patio. I've spent many hours watching and listening to this hive of Italian "Blonds" which she bought from a bee breeder in Chico, CA. Since the hive was...
  4. Welcome Forum
    Hello yall" I have been a member of forums in the past. I was always one of the more knowledgeable....but now Im looking for knowledge. Glad to be a member, I look forward to making new friends in the wonderfull world of Keeping Bee's.
1-4 of 4 Results