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  1. Welcome Forum
    My name is Susie, and I'm relatively new to beekeeping. I've done a course to extend my knowledge, but I decided to join a forum to expand my horizons and to find great new tips and advice from other beekeepers.
  2. Bee Forum
    Yep. It's that time of year again.
  3. Diseases and Pests
    I set up my first hive this year, started with a package. Queen has been installed for 12 days and is laying, we have capped brood etc. Going well so far. When do I need to start worrying about mites? Thanks.
  4. Bee Forum
    Hey Y'all! So I just got my first package bees today (any bees for that matter)!! Super excited! I have done a lot of homework and read plenty of books, so I feel like I am ready for the adventure. However... I installed the package without issue around noon today. Insured that the queen was...
  5. Beekeeping 101
    Hi all, I am a first time bee keeper. Super excited (and so is my son). I did a decent amount of research and felt pretty ready. Ordered my bees and got a mentor. Alas.... My bees arrive on Saturday (I need to pick them up) and there is slated to be a 10 inch snow storm on the...
  6. Beekeeping 101
    Hi. I need some advice on this ... Last year we started our first ever beehive. We ordered 3lbs. of bees and everything seemed to go fairwell. The bees filled 2 deeps, started on the first honey super and got it about 1/2 way drawn out. Then the worst winter in the last 20 years hit ... Our...
  7. Beekeeping 101
    After over 30 years I am getting back into Bees here in Newton, NC. I have a new hive (one week). Package installed, queen cage removed, using a top feeder. Today, while watching the bees, I saw a very large bee land on the board and enter the hive. Could this be just a big bee or a 'wild'...
1-7 of 7 Results