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new beeker

  1. Equipment/Hardware
    I'm looking to become a beekeeper come next spring so I've started getting ready. I plan on it being a ten frame hive. Any comments or critiques are very welcome :). Here's what I'm going to buy: OHIO BEE BOX: Double Deep Hive Kit --135 (Should I get screened BB or solid? I live in North East)...
  2. Welcome Forum
    I started Beek last year. We have 2 hives, hoping they make it though the winter. Went down yesterday to look at the hives and had 1 bee on the ground outside of the hive. Set him back on the landing of the hive entrance. Maybe a good sign
  3. Beekeeping 101
    Installed my first hive two weeks ago. When do I start the preventatives for nosema and any other medications I should be giving? Saw one beetle when I checked the hive last, but only 3 or 4 frames drawn. Would appreciate any recommendations for where to buy my bee supplies also. Yall have been...