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    I have a hive in an out yard. 10 frame equipment, double deep brood chamber and I had left a medium super half filled with honey over the inner cover from the fall. I checked the hive 2 days ago in warmer weather here in south central Pennsylvania. I was hoping the super would be empty, and...
  2. Bee Forum
    I have prepared 10 pound bags of sugar by soaking them in about one cup of water and allowing them to harden. To fit in a 5-frame nuc box I cut the opening in the side. A piece of wax paper or plastic wrap is used to hold the sugar in the bag while inverting the bag into a baking pan/dish...
  3. Bee Forum
    For "emergency" or insurance feeding I have always used baker's fondant but I know many use the "MountainCamp" / Johansson method. To avoid breaking the inner covers loose why not simply place bags of sugar directly over the opening in the inner covers. The bags could be prepared by setting...
  4. Video Gallery
    Here's a nice video on the M.C. method. No voice. But it shows the method in action. Ernie
  5. Photo/Video Gallery
    Barry is this to large? Mountain Camp mthod plus a Mann Lake pollen patty. Ernie
1-5 of 5 Results