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  1. Welcome Forum
    Hello Everyone! I am happy to finally join bee source after years of learning from this massive resource! My name is Jacob Wustner and I am a second generation commercial beekeeper from Missoula, MT. Currently I live in Stevensville, MT in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley. My brother and I...
  2. The Queen & Bee Breeding
    I am a hobbyist beekeeper in Montana who plans to raise my first queens in 2012. I am planning to use the "Austrialian cell punch" tool and divide deep boxes in half for mating purposes. 1. Does anyone have any experience with this non-graft method? How well does it work? 2. With the...
  3. Beekeeping Meetings and Classes
    According to local sources, there are a number of avid hobby beekeepers in the Bozeman, Montana/Gallatin Valley area. It's high time that we formed an association! I am interested in making connections with a few of you with regard to forming a new beekeepers club. If interested, please email...
1-3 of 3 Results