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    I’m considering buying some apimaye hives and wanted to know if anyone who has them uses a provap 110 or johnos version to treat for mites? I have one I built myself that I currently use. I can’t see a good way to use it on those hives without drilling a hole in the back or trying to extend the...
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    What tips would you tell someone doing OAV treatments for the first time? This year I decided to treat after seeing a few mites. This is my first time, any words of advice ? I already have a vaporizer and some oxcalic acid. The vaporizer just came in, thats why I am alitte late. Here is a...
  3. Beekeeping 101
    3rd year- 6a. Everything we do this time of year determines whether our colonies are alive through winter. It's all about hammering the mites to as close to zero and fall feeding to get them to weight. August- Finishing a series of OAV treatments until my 24 hour sticky board count is less...
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    This is my third OAV treatment mite drop. I've done the treatments 7 days apart. I plan on doing another one this coming Saturday. Is it "normal" or typical to see this many mites after 3 treatments 7 days apart.