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  1. Bee Forum
    Since we're in that mite danger zone I thought I'd offer a link to Randy Oliver's varroa monitoring page. He has an excel spreadsheet that allows you to add a certain amount of variation and model mite treatments. Math can get wonky but really like what he's getting at. Essential for new...
  2. Bee Forum
    So I have been keeping 2 hives for a few years now. Still pretty inexperienced and like to bounce alot of things off a mentor I had helping me a great deal the first 2 or so seasons. I know he has had good success doing OAV in early spring and Novemberish and MAQs in August. I was set to do my...
  3. Diseases and Pests
    We have yet to treat for mites and are still learning. We are in Wisconsin. Average daytime temperatures are in the 50s right now. We just took the honey supers off (was a rather poor year here as we only got 4 full honey supers from 4 hives). I have always heard you treat for mites in the...
  4. Diseases and Pests
    I live in south central Kansas and typically keep a few colonies of bees for honey production. After several seasons of heavy loss due to varroa, my partner and I decided to invest in a vaporizer to treat our colonies. My question is timing. I've read material by Randy Oliver and others, and...
  5. Observation Hive Forum
    How do you all treat for mites in a observation hive? I had thought OAV was really the only method, is there another method? Thanks Jason
  6. Diseases and Pests
    We lost our hive this winter, but it didn't get as cold as it has in the past here (central Wisconsin). The 2 deeps weight roughly 50 pounds from what I can tell right now, so there is certainly honey left in them. Could the death be due to mites? (we didn't treat for this or anything to be...
  7. Diseases and Pests
    How effective can Apiguard be when majority of bees beard on the outside of the hive after putting it on? I understand the mode of control, with the bees carrying it through the hive, but how does it get rid of the phoretic mites on all the bees outside the hive?
  8. Welcome Forum
    Hello from Idaho I'm a 4-yr. beek, and still don't feel like I know what I'm doing most of the time! Looking forward to learning from you experienced beeks!
  9. Welcome Forum
    I removed 4 colonies from houses last year. These bees were healthy,very large combs. Tons of brood, tons of honey. One colony was there for 6 years. No one was treating them with anything. I treated them with OAV this past Sept. since I have mite paranoia! I don"t like the idea of using a "cut...
  10. Bee Forum
    Great weather here today in the SF Bay area. I went out to the coast to check 3 hives that have overwintered successfully thus far. All Carniolans with 4-5 frames of solid brood (mediums) with a dappling of the first round of drone brood for the year. I thought, "Well, let's see what's in...
  11. Diseases and Pests
    First year beek here. We survived Hurricane Sandy and the nor'easter dropped a foot of snow on us last week that's almost gone already! Weather supposed to be in the high 60's today but cold nights are sticking around. Started with a nuc in May that has been very strong and provided me with...
1-11 of 11 Results