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  1. Bee Forum
    I thought I would start this thread and see what's happening in Michigan. It's been real warm here, hitting 60+ for 3 or four days. Right now I'm 5 for 5 doing OK. Stores are holding out OK. Is it too late to use vapor OA and catch them mostly broodless? I didn't dare open them up enough to...
  2. Beekeeping 101
    Hey guys, need some advice for a huge problem. I ordered three packages and they were shipped on March 30th. But because of a USPS delay, I didn’t receive the bees until 6 days later (April 4th). Here in Michigan it was around 45 degrees so I installed them and put a blanket around the hives to...
  3. Welcome Forum
    Took some time off from building our Silo house. went to bee class at MSU. built langstroth hives, watched 100's of how to's vids, ordered 2 nucs. wish us luck! Looking for bee keepers close to us in Michigan.
  4. Welcome Forum
    Going into my second season with bees. My hive didnt make it through the winter and I am very bummed, but also geeked up to start again. Im thinking of a nuc and one starter pkg. Im assuming I can put the new packaged bees in the hive that is already established? It has comb in it but no honey.
  5. Welcome Forum
    I am new to the beekeeping world all together. My Grandpa and I each started our own top bar hive this summer. It has been a blast, and it is so nice to have someone so close to compare my hive to. His hive has been awesome! Mine on the other hand, has struggled a bit. I will learn the in and...
  6. Welcome Forum
    My partner and I live in mid-Michigan, on some wooded property outside a small community. We are novice beekeepers with two English garden hives set on two-foot-tall hive stands that our Amish neighbor made for us. We just got our bees last weekend...are having some major problems with them (see...
1-6 of 6 Results