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  1. Equipment/Hardware
    I've had a Maxant 9-frame extractor for several years now and am very satisfied with the product. However, I've been experiencing a disturbing problem. The motor runs cool as a cucumber. But the round "transmission" gets too hot to touch and is squeaking. Is it be greased or lubricated...
  2. Equipment/Hardware
    I am new to the hobby as of this spring. Like many of you here I have a love for bees and keeping them. I started with two hives and made splits to make 4 going into winter. I will most likely stay between 4-8 hives in total and I just got my brother-in-law and father-in-law into the hobby. They...
  3. Equipment/Hardware
    I was wondering if any vendors have a sale or free shipping offers on the 3100 hand crank extractor?
  4. Equipment/Hardware
    I've just bought (well actually a couple months ago:)) the 1" honey pump from Maxant to move honey into my bottling tank. The pump works as expected, however the method I'm currently using to connect my hose (I'm using a 1 1/4" hose with hose clamp and thread seal) to the pump, currently leaks...
  5. Equipment/Hardware
    Am thinking of buying a Maxant 3100-4F hand cranked extractor but its just beyond my budget. Does anyone know where the cheapest place is to buy this on-line? Hopefully so that I can save on shipping costs and maybe tax. Live in NY 10573
  6. Beekeeping 101
    What is the overall benefit for using a Maxant Creamer with a stirrer? I have heard that keeping the honey in a creamer for 2 weeks and stirring intermittently makes the honey nice and soft. Is there any truth to this? If so, how do you bottle after the 2 week period. I assume it won't run after...
  7. Equipment/Hardware
    Does anyone have personal experience with the flow rate (GPM) on the 1" Maxant Honey Pump?
  8. Bee Forum
    I am getting ready to buy a new honey pump to move 80 degree + honey from my sump to holding tanks. Can anyone share actual personal experience with flow rates for Maxant, Kelley, and Mann Lake pumps?
  9. Consumer Report
    I used my new Maxant Extractor today for the first time. What a differance it runs smoothly and quietly. The frames are clean (more honey in the pails) and my shoulder and arms arent sore . I highly reccommend this product. It will cut my extracting time in half as I used a four frame...
  10. Equipment/Hardware
    I am in my 3rd year beekeeping. I purchased a $300 extractor. I upgraded to the Maxant 3100P (motor). I have a friend who has a farm with a building where we extract sometime so I brought the hand crank atachment for the 3100 as the building has no electricity. Take the motor off. Put the...
1-10 of 10 Results