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  1. Bee Forum
    Hi all, I have had a ton of swarm cells this year, and I keep splitting them off into nucs. I have come to the point that I am running low on bees to put in the nucs that I am making for the resulting queen cells in which to hatch and mate. Since the original queens take a break before...
  2. The Queen & Bee Breeding
    I always graft more queens than I have mating nucs. Sometimes I have great graft acceptance and have way too many cells. I end up putting 2 cells in each nuc, then I still have some left over. Next season, I was thinking about selling the xtra cells to the local folks via craigslist. What do you...
  3. The Queen & Bee Breeding
    I have a horrible time with SHB every time I set up mating nucs. I am seeing about an 80% fail rate. I really want to get this fixed before spring. My nucs are queen castle style with entrances on different sides. Help!
  4. The Queen & Bee Breeding
    I am a hobbyist who plans to raise a few queens this spring in southwestern Montana. I intend to partition some deep hive bodies into 2 or 3 compartments for mating nuc purposes. My question is this: as long as nectar and pollen are naturally available to the mating nucs, is it absolutely...
  5. Diseases and Pests
    I run 10 frame mating nucs partitioned three-ways. I am currently finding quite a few small hive beetles in each partition. Can anyone suggest a way I can make a trap to go into each partition using oil? Thanks in advance.
1-5 of 5 Results