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  1. Alternative Pollinators
    How to I attract these bees to my garden? What plants do the like? How do I build them a nest?
  2. Alternative Pollinators
    Diverse Microbiota Identified in Whole Intact Nest Chambers of the Red Mason Bee Osmia bicornis (Linnaeus 1758) Microbial activity is known to have profound impact on bee ecology and physiology, both by beneficial and pathogenic effects. Most information about such associations is available for...
  3. Alternative Pollinators
    I have extensively read this forum searching for which plants would be best to use for nesting material for leafcutter/mason bees but have only come across a reference to giant parsely and reeds. Which plants are used for this nesting material as I would like to acquire some. I have noticed...
  4. Alternative Pollinators
    Does anyone have access to a supply of natural reeds suitable for mason bees? I'm interested in buying some if you are---I'd like to see how the female yield from reeds compares to the other houses/condos I have. The only places I see reeds sold are when they're included in a complete house...
1-4 of 4 Results