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mason bees
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  1. Alternative Pollinators
    This year I had some mason bees and they did really well and filled several tubes with eggs. When it was time I brought them into the garage and put them in a fine mesh bag as directed but I just checked and they were overrun by what I initially thought were small ants but they could fly. I took...
  2. Alternative Pollinators
    Life got busy and I did not harvest my mason bee cocoons yet. I collected all the tubes and stored in a cool garage since November. I typically harvest and store cocoons in frig until spring. Am I too late to harvest now and store until blossoms appear in my orchard? I live in Pacific Northwest.
  3. Bee Forum
    2nd year Mason beekeeper here. A late frost seemed to kill/drive off our Mason bees and I noticed what looked like several honey bees flying in and out of tubes today. More Mason's are on their way but has anyone else encountered this? Will they cohabitate? If not, how should I get rid of them?
  4. Welcome Forum
    Hello everyone! About 3 months ago I made my first Mason Bee house! I think my first summer was quite successful, I not only have Mason bees but also Leaf Cutter Bees! I am excited, however, I am very concerned about winter. I really would like to find someone that is near my area that could...
  5. Alternative Pollinators
    Hello, everyone. I am experimenting with some designs using a variety of material to attract and get the local Masons to stick orchard. I have also started a new hive of honeybees from a package, and expect a second package and second new hive in orchard this week. I had some Mason bees lay...
  6. Bee Forum
    Was out hangin with the girls yesterday and noticed an odd little creature, just sitting around with the "girls", did some research and "they" were mason bees. I had never seen a mason bee before, but they are really cool looking. Will they become a problem, do they co-habitat with honey bees...
  7. Alternative Pollinators
    This was my third year of releasing Osmia lignaria and Osmia californica bees and it was to be the first year to set-up a sustaining lineage by not purchasing natal tubes from a vendor. I was satisfied with the results of the past two years. The bees seemed to like the location where I had put...
  8. Welcome Forum
    Hello: I have a 4 acer U-Pik apple orchard 40 miles S.W. of Chicago. I have been using hornfaced solitary bees for pollination for 10 to 12 years. I'm looking forward to getting helpful info from the members here who use these bees.
1-8 of 8 Results