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  1. Marketing Forum
    Hi all, I'm looking for your advice. I am a beekeeper and packer and have a traditional distribution network. I also enjoy tinkering with websites and have set up I'm trialling all sorts of different ways to sell honey, and help other beekeepers do the same. I just wanted...
  2. Marketing Forum
    Just curious if anyone has or are selling their bottled honey to bigger chain stores. The honey we are selling is natural raw honey and not packed honey so it has a higher price. I have some meetings getting lined up and I have my ideal price and break point in mind but I was curious if anyone...
  3. Marketing Forum
    Hello all! I have had some success in WNC with my product in stores and I want to have an online presence. My company specializes in an organic, antibiotic-free, chemical-free additive that goes in feed. I have a facebook and a website but I am having little success. I was featured on a podcast...
  4. Commercial Beekeeping
    Hey guys! I was wondering on the business side of beekeeping your suggestions of the do's and don'ts when starting an apiary. (Anything including marketing, branding, business start up, ANY suggestions welcomed! Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results