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    Mapping Large-Area Landscape Suitability for Honey Bees to Assess the Influence of Land-Use Change on Sustainability of National Pollination Services Pollination is a critical ecosystem service affected by various drivers of land-use change, such as policies and programs aimed at land resources...
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    A SNP Based High-Density Linkage Map of Apis cerana Reveals a High Recombination Rate Similar to Apis mellifera The Eastern honey bee, Apis cerana Fabricius, is distributed in southern and eastern Asia, from India and China to Korea and Japan and southeast to the Moluccas. This species is also...
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    I visited the other day and saved the map image from Feb 2nd: Below is the Feb 6th pollen map. It's encouraging to see difference...
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    I've added a utility to my website that plots a 3km honey bee forage zone around an apiary site. Interesting to see what your honey bees are potentially using for foraging. It's free, based on google maps; you are more than welcome to add your apiary sites to try it out. Dean
1-4 of 4 Results