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  1. Welcome Forum
    Hello! I'm a brand new beekeeper in Los Angeles. I caught a small swarm a few weeks ago and set them up in a hive in a garden. Very excited to poke through these forums, also always happy to chat with other LA County beeks :)
  2. Blogs, Podcasts, and Video Presentations
    Hi, Happy New Year!!! Tyson Kaiser is a ethical bee remover from the city of Los Angeles. His company is call Sweet Bee Removal and his mission is to help the bees help the environment, by moving feral bees into hive boxes. You can listen to the podcast by clicking HERE Or by visiting this...
  3. Welcome Forum
    Longtime lurker, new member. I've wanted on numerous occasions to comment on some thread or another and was simply too impatient to go through the membership process. Today I not only had patience, I also didn't want to comment on something- made it easier for me to join. I'm here in Los...
  4. Alternative Pollinators
    This was my third year of releasing Osmia lignaria and Osmia californica bees and it was to be the first year to set-up a sustaining lineage by not purchasing natal tubes from a vendor. I was satisfied with the results of the past two years. The bees seemed to like the location where I had put...
1-4 of 4 Results