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  1. Equipment/Hardware
    Here is the short video of how I am using hive lifter to scale a hive. I compare the weight of the hive with regular floor scale and it is very accurate. In my previous post i showed my new hive lifter
  2. Equipment/Hardware
    Have you guys found a way to do a DIY / on the cheap beehive crane? I have around 80 hives (all supered) scattered on the ground and every time I check them, I must take away supers (some have up to three) and bend to pull frames out of the brood box. I would like to build a crane which could be...
  3. Where To Buy . . .
    Does anyone have a source of one man bee hive lifts that will allow you to pick up a whole hive stack or less? I have looked at one from Slovenia and Sweden, but the Slovenian Company does not sell in the USA. looks...
1-3 of 3 Results