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  1. Swarms, Trap-outs, and Cut-outs
    Dear Blythewood and Swarm Commander, Will you offer a discount on Swarm Commander to the Bee Source community this year? I’m on the fence trying to decide whether to keep using LGO or whether this is the year to try SC. I may be open to a little convincing.
  2. Swarms, Trap-outs, and Cut-outs
    I have a trap up that has been getting moderately scouted for the last few days. I am able to look at the trap everyday around noon. I hadn't seen any scouts whatsoever for almost 4 weeks. Then last Friday (6/15) there were 2-7 bees in the entrance, and around the trap. The situation was the...
  3. Swarms, Trap-outs, and Cut-outs
    We installed our first two packages this weekend and while building the equipment last week we had scouts from somewhere checking out our hives. So in the next few days I will have newly emptied queen cages from our two packages. I was thinking I could use them to entice a swarm. I have...
1-3 of 3 Results