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  1. Beekeeping 101
    Hi all, I keep hearing beeks using lavender or chamomile or mint in their spray. 1) What's the formula for it? Do you simply soak the herb in water and use the scented water? 2) What do you use it for? To calm your bees and/or to remove the scent off something? Thanks.
  2. Everything Honey
    I have a opportunity to put bees on a 3 acre, 3000 plant lavender crop. I have have no idea how many hives to place and still get maximum honey yield. It's a 3 hour trip from my home base, so i need to bring the right number the first time. If anyone could offer some good experienced advice...
  3. Nectar & Pollen Plants
    I have about a dozen Mustad lavender plants on the corners of my vegetable gardens and the plants are covered with bees all day. They are in motion with all sizes and types of bees all day long and I do not understand how the bees could get much from the plants with that much activity. Really...
1-3 of 3 Results