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    Register in advance for this webinar: Virus & Nosema Testing for Honey Bees- a NY Bee Wellness Webinar Description The varroa mite is endemic to the honey bee population and serves as a vector for numerous viruses. Join Dave...
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    The University of Florida’s honeybee program has been around since the 1920s, but this June, it will mark the completion of a new honeybee headquarters on the university's campus, said Jamie Ellis, the Gahan endowed associate professor of entomology in the University of Florida's Institute of...
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    Honeybees, Floridians to Enjoy a ‘Win-Win Situation’ with Bee Research Lab
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    Can anyone recommend a lab that can test honey samples? I have several 60# pails of citrus honey I got from San Diego County. I've tried the sites listed on, but so far have gotten no replies. Thanks! David
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    The bee population is dropping, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, by around 30% each year. The Florida State Beekeepers Association is asking lawmakers for $3.5 million to build a new honey bee research facility at the University of Florida. With that, they hope to provide...