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    Hi folks, just entered beekeeping, and have lots of questions. Saw useful treads here when searching generally on the internet. I have one hive with a new colony. I was suggested to get two hive and have two colonies, by me and my neighbour agreed to help each other, so "my" second hive is my...
  2. Welcome Forum
    Hi all, I'm from Central Washington State. I've been reading the forums here for quite some time, but just recently registered and now posting my intro. I have several hives, but only three currently on my property. It's been a very tough winter here, and as the reports are coming in, losses...
  3. Welcome Forum
    hail to thee, fellow beeks! I find myself returning to beekeeping after a childhood tending bees and white hives in the backyard until my mid 'teens. l look forward to nurturing a well fitted 10F hive this spring on my father-in-law's property (Northern RI), and possibly splitting a nuc to help...
1-3 of 3 Results