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    Has anyone else been inundated with well meaning people sending scare articles about the Asian hornet? I swear, it is going to be the Flow hive part 2 !!
  2. Bee Forum
    Be afraid. Be very afraid. Security Failure: EpiPen’s Database Of Everyone Who’s Allergic To Bees Has Been Obtained By Bees
  3. Bee Forum
    Hi All: I recently got pooped on by a ton of bees that were swarming from a feral hive in a neighbors tree. I couldn't resist the opportunity to calculate the odds of this happening and created a posting on my garden blog about this experience. As bee keepers, I'm sure some of you may have...
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    My wife is a cat lover, I’m sorry to say, but she also loves a man who keeps bees, so I have to forgive her. Her cat, on the other hand, I owe nothing. A long haired black cat of the particularly worthless variety, it is given to laying in the sun all day until it’s hot to the touch. Never...
1-4 of 7 Results