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  1. Products of The Hive
    Anyone use the wax from brood frames? What do you do with it? I feel bad throwing it away, but I can't use the wax in body products because it was in the hive when I treated. I've used it in candle making, but I don't find the medium/dark brown a nice color in most of the candle molds I...
  2. Bee Forum
    I have never seen this before. I scrapped the caps off of a similar frame and found no larvae of any kind. Has any one else seen this? Alex
  3. Bee Forum
    The bees built out the honey comb cells so far out, it extends into the next frame. Should this be fixed, if so how? Or leave it alone? See pics. Thanks
  4. Bee Forum
    Looking through one cell of a foundation... from one side you see an inverted Y ...looking through the other side you see a normal Y. It has been said that the inverted side always faces the center of the hive in a naturally formed comb without a starting foundation. Is this true? And is it...