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  1. Blue Sky Bee Supply
    In case you didn't know, we manufacture honey containers through our sister company, Agralogix, LLC. Therefore, we can offer you great direct prices on pallets of Muth, Bears, Classics, Skep, Mini Masons and Hex-Embossed Cylinders. Give Erin a call at (877) 529-9233 and save today. We work...
  2. Blue Sky Bee Supply
    Order early before the season or restock if you are low. Free shipping and 15% off, no code needed. We design Full Custom or we customize our stock labels. Our labels are water-resistant, heavy-duty semi-gloss labels, unlike others. We do all sizes, including tamper-evident lip balms on...
  3. For Sale
    Hi! We currently have a good 5 K + of honey in glass jars that have crystallized. The honey itself is perfectly edible as we all know that good honey crystallizes, however unfortunately the average grocery store consumer won't buy it like this and thus due to store request we ended up with lots...
  4. Everything Honey
    The one in the middle is Mustard Honey made from flowers of mustard plant grown in Northern India.
  5. For Sale
    Hello, I am Ishneet a beekeeper from India. I had a great procurement of Mustard Honey made from flowers of Mustard plant and is one in the middle of picture. It's found in both liquid and crystalline form, the honey has a great creamy texture and a mild yet everlasting taste. Its known as...
  6. Photo/Video Gallery
    It's rare for a farm to invest in more generalized lightly promotional material that helps the whole community in educating the common folk about the benefits of choosing any honey over artificial sweeteners and sugar. I push my farm to do this because it is win win. They still squeeze in their...
  7. Beekeeping 101
    I am feeding my hive 2:1 sugar water right now. There is a ton of capped honey in the brood boxes. I don't know exactly how heavy the top one is, but at least 65 lbs. I am assuming the bottom brood box is the less. When I do a google search it says a colony needs (for where I live) 60-90 pounds...
  8. Beekeeping 101
    I did a hive inspection today and this is my first year. It has been quite chilly since my last inspection. there were a few frames of honey in the supers. When I opened the hive today all of the frames with capped honey were broken like in the photo. At first, I thought it was maybe robbing or...
  9. State by State Bee Laws
    So I am brand new to beekeeping and trying to gather information on laws for selling infused honey. In nc what are the requirements for a very small scale beekeeper to sell? Do you just label it differently or is a certified kitchen required? Any and all information is appreciated!
  10. Blue Sky Bee Supply
    We are the USA distributor for SAF Natura. SAF was sold by Brushy Mountain for over 30 years and we now carry a full line, as well as replacement parts and motor upgrades. Feel free to shop or call (877) 529-9233 with any questions. If you have an extractor that looks...
  11. Photo/Video Gallery
    Honey Caramels are always a hit! So much honey flavor! Heating honey may cause it to lose some enzymes but it is still not degraded to the level of sugar like some say. Your taste buds will let you know.
  12. Marketing Forum
    I think it's important to teach people how to use the honey they buy... so that they buy more of course. I find it crazy their isn't a marketing board for honey which some sort of budget for promoting the product - If there is one it sucks :P. I'm taking things into my own hands by creating a...
  13. Commercial Beekeeping
    I think it's important to teach people how to use the honey they buy... so that they buy more of course. That's why we sponsored a cooking show! Every recipe includes honey! Watch the video here!
  14. Everything Honey
    My wife and I are trying to use less processed sugar in our diets. It is a multi-pronged approach, part of which is substitution of honey for white sugar when a sugar is "required" for a recipe. For example, there are some really nice brownies in the kitchen that were made with honey instead or...
  15. Commercial Beekeeping
    Our farm made this video in-house which is sort of funny because we've always made better videos than the "pros" we could hire around here. The narrations, the script, the graphics, and the videography was all done by BEEKEEPERS! Suck it film industry hahaha Hope you find it interesting...
  16. For Sale
    I have three 50 gallon drums of nice light color mild flavor ND honey. $2.50 per lb. Take one or all three. Located in Southeasten ND. Call Brian 7015416448
  17. Northeast
    hives 10 frame foundationless mediums average frames of drawn comb per box: 9.3 boxes per hive: 3, 3, 2, 2, 2 weights (includes screened bottom board + inner cover): I weighed my most and least active hives. - most active (3 boxes): 45 lbs - least active (2 boxes): 50 lbs Weights for...
  18. Beekeeping 101
    Hello everyone, Can you please give me ideas on how to and where to store frames after I spin and extract the honey? Also, do I need to scrape off all the wax that stays on the frames after extraction or keep it for bees to rebuild on it next year. Also Do I need to put the frames in the deep...
  19. For Sale
    We have NW 2020 Ohio Summer Raw Honey For Sale 5 Gallon Buckets $170 each 55 Gallon Drum $2.50 per LB average around 630 lb each. Each drum is weighed. You can text me at 419-633-4677 or email me at [email protected] Thank you. Barb
  20. For Sale
    330 New western honey supers for sale. 10 wood frames with plastic foundation, painted white, with cleats for hand holds. Located in Oregon. Charlie Mock Colton, Or. 503-970-8153 [email protected] Delivery not available.
1-20 of 201 Results