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  1. Using honeycomb (cut comb) in cooking

    Everything Honey
    My wife and I are trying to use less processed sugar in our diets. It is a multi-pronged approach, part of which is substitution of honey for white sugar when a sugar is "required" for a recipe. For example, there are some really nice brownies in the kitchen that were made with honey instead or...
  2. Behind the scenes at our farm :D

    Commercial Beekeeping
    Our farm made this video in-house which is sort of funny because we've always made better videos than the "pros" we could hire around here. The narrations, the script, the graphics, and the videography was all done by BEEKEEPERS! Suck it film industry hahaha Hope you find it interesting...
  3. North Dakota Prairie Honey for sale

    For Sale
    I have three 50 gallon drums of nice light color mild flavor ND honey. $2.50 per lb. Take one or all three. Located in Southeasten ND. Call Brian 7015416448
  4. How much should I feed for winter?

    hives 10 frame foundationless mediums average frames of drawn comb per box: 9.3 boxes per hive: 3, 3, 2, 2, 2 weights (includes screened bottom board + inner cover): I weighed my most and least active hives. - most active (3 boxes): 45 lbs - least active (2 boxes): 50 lbs Weights for...
  5. What to do with the frames after extracting honey?

    Beekeeping 101
    Hello everyone, Can you please give me ideas on how to and where to store frames after I spin and extract the honey? Also, do I need to scrape off all the wax that stays on the frames after extraction or keep it for bees to rebuild on it next year. Also Do I need to put the frames in the deep...
  6. North West Ohio Honey For Sale

    For Sale
    We have NW 2020 Ohio Summer Raw Honey For Sale 5 Gallon Buckets $170 each 55 Gallon Drum $2.50 per LB average around 630 lb each. Each drum is weighed. You can text me at 419-633-4677 or email me at [email protected] Thank you. Barb
  7. New Western Honey Supers

    For Sale
    330 New western honey supers for sale. 10 wood frames with plastic foundation, painted white, with cleats for hand holds. Located in Oregon. Charlie Mock Colton, Or. 503-970-8153 [email protected] Delivery not available.
  8. Wet honey

    Bee Forum
    What is it that causes the honey combs to be wet after a hive has gone queenless and the bees have shown up to rob it out. It seems the combs get wet.
  9. Covid-19 and Beekeeping , March 21, NY Bee Wellness

    Bee Forum Contents: Beekeeping & Covid-19 NYS Ag & Mkts statement Latest from the Governors office Charts about Covid19 Beekeepers in China National Colony Report 2019 Hexagon Button...
  10. Hello from Bulgaria

    Welcome Forum
    Hello guys! Glad to see community of people who care about bees!
  11. Honey extractor choices

    I am new to the hobby as of this spring. Like many of you here I have a love for bees and keeping them. I started with two hives and made splits to make 4 going into winter. I will most likely stay between 4-8 hives in total and I just got my brother-in-law and father-in-law into the hobby. They...
  12. Melt in your mouth Honey caramel!

    Hey everyone here is Laurel's honey caramel recipe. We primarily make it for friends and family around Christmas. They can be mixed with a host of things or warmed and dribbled over apple slices. Honey caramels melt in your mouth and make perfect Christmas...
  13. Manual Honey Extractor

    For Sale
    Radial honey extractor Stainless Hand crank/ manual operation Asking $400 OBO Holds: 9 shallow frames OR 6 medium frames OR 3 deep frames (comes with wire rack holders to cradle deeps) Minimal use, clean and no damage Works very well and is well made Comes with: Brand New and very Sharp...
  14. Sunflower Honey?

    Everything Honey
    Does anyone know where most of the Sunflower honey is produced or how much is a product of the US? I did read the Honey report that states the Dakotas has Sunflower honey, but it doesn't report the amount. Any insight on this subject would be appreciated. :scratch: Thanks Alex
  15. A series of interviews from commercial beekeepers

    Commercial Beekeeping
    Hey!! this is what it is like to work at a large operation that does everything from the honey production to the distribution :D
  16. Honey & Spice (Honey Cooking Series)

    I put a lot of work into these recipe videos!!! I really hope you enjoy!! It's a wholesome meal and a healthy snack :D
  17. Hello from Miami

    Welcome Forum
    A Honey newbie here. After many years in a different industry which allowed me to travel throughout central america, I've been able to meet and have created frienships with many beekeepers in Honduras and Nicaragua who have taught me a lot about the business they love. I'm looking to jump ship...
  18. International honey prices

    Commercial Beekeeping
    Hello Beeks, I have been checking international honey prices because I would like to venture in exporting honey from Mexico to Europe. I have nearly 100 hives my self but there are other bee keepers in the area and I believe we could gather a couple of containers per season. Is the...
  19. 5 Gallon Buckets of Raw Ohio Honey

    For Sale
    Many customers have asked if I sell our honey in larger quantities. So I am offering 5 Gallon pails(60lbs) of Pure, all natural raw honey. This has been the best batch from my bees! Spring/ summer honey. Light color. I have 15 buckets available. $220 a bucket. Maribeth Moser(Nana’s Honey)...
  20. Honey Separated in Jar

    Everything Honey
    Occasionally, I get a harvest where the honey will crystallize only halfway. The lower half of the jar is solid and the upper half is liquid. It's not just a temporary state while the whole jar crystalizes, it will stay like that for years. Anyone know why?